Our Leo Bruce Books

We have copies of these Leo Bruce books:
Case for Three Detectives (West Drayton & New York, 1947);
Case for Three Detectives (Chicago, 1997);
Case without a Corpse (Chicago, 1982);
Case with No Conclusion (Chicago, 1984);
Case with Four Clowns (Chicago, 2010);
Case with Ropes and Rings (London, [1940, but dated] 1949) [1st ed.];
Case with Ropes and Rings (London, 1975);
Case for Sergeant Beef (Melbourne & London & Baltimore, 1953);
Case for Sergeant Beef (Hornchurch, 1975);
Neck and Neck (Chicago, 1983);
Cold Blood (Chicago, 1980);
At Death’s Door (London, 1955) [1st ed.];
Death of Cold (London, 1956) [1st ed.];
Dead Man’s Shoes (London, 1958) [1st ed.];
Dead Man’s Shoes (Chicago, 1987);
A Louse for the Hangman (London, 1958) [1st ed.];
Our Jubilee Is Death (Chicago, 1986);
Jack on the Gallows Tree (London, 1960) [1st ed.];
Jack on the Gallows Tree (Chicago, 1988);
Furious Old Women (Chicago, 1987);
A Bone and a Hank of Hair (London, 1961) [uncorrected proof of 1st ed.];
A Bone and a Hank of Hair (Chicago, 1985);
Die All, Die Merrily (London, 1961) [1st ed.];
Die All, Die Merrily (Chicago, 1986);
Nothing Like Blood (Chicago, 1985);
Such Is Death (Chicago, 1986);
Death in Albert Park (Chicago, 1988);
Death at Hallows End (Chicago, 2003);
Death on the Black Sands (London, 1966) [1st ed.];
Death at St. Asprey’s School (London, 1967) [1st ed.];
Death at St. Asprey’s School (Chicago, 1987);
Death of a Commuter (Chicago, 1988);
Death on Romney Marsh (London, 1968) [1st ed.];
Death with Blue Ribbon (Chicago, 1994);
Death on Allhallowe’en (Chicago, 1988);
Death by the Lake (London, 1971) [1st ed.];
Death in the Middle Watch (Chicago, 2004);
Death of a Bovver Boy ([listed as] London, [a reprint from 2013 but dated] 1974); &
Murder in Miniature: The Short Stories of Leo Bruce, ed. B.A. Pike (Chicago, 1992).
 We also have these translations of Leo Bruce books:
Ein Fall für drei Detective, trans. Bernhard Matt (München, 2010);
Un caso per tre detective, trans. Giovanni Viganò (Milano, 2010);
Trois détectives, trans. Maurice Bernard Endrebe (Paris, 1978);
Trois détectives, trans. Marie-Madelaine Fayet (Paris, 1985);
Daryl est mort, trans. Mirian Dou (Paris, 1958) [Dead for a Ducat].
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We shall gladly pay good (but, sadly, cannot afford exorbitant) prices for the Leo Bruce book we have not yet located—Dead for a Ducat.
We have a (barely legible, at times) scanned photocopy (in PDF form) of:
Dead for a Ducat (London, 1956).
Furthermore, because it contains “Holiday Task” by Leo Bruce, we have:
Martin Edwards (ed.), Resorting to Murder: Holiday Mysteries (London, 2015).