Our Rupert Croft-Cooke books

We have these books by Rupert Croft-Cooke:
The Altar in the Loft (London, 1960);
Another Sun, Another Home (New York, 1949);
Barbary Night (London, 1958);
Barbary Night (London, 1960) [pb];
The Blood-Red Island (London and New York, 1953);
Bosie: Lord Alfred Douglas and His Friends (Indianapolis, 1963);
Brass Farthing (London, 1941);
The Circus Has No Home (London, 1973);
Conduct Unbecoming (London, 1973);
Cooking for Pleasure (London & Glasgow, 1963);
Darts (London, 1936);
The Dogs of Peace (London, 1971);
The Drums of Morning (London, 1961);
English Cooking: A New Approach (London, 1960);
Exiles (London, 1972);
Exotic Food (New York, 1971);
Fall of Man (London, 1955);
Feasting with Panthers: A New Consideration of Some Late Victorian Writers (New York, 1967);
A Few Gypsies (London, 1955);
The Gardens of Camelot (London, 1958);
The Ghost of June: A Return to England and the West (London, 1968);
The Glittering Pastures (London, 1962);
The Gorgeous East: One Man’s India (London, 1965);
The Green, Green Grass (London, 1977);
The Happy Highways (London, 1967);
Harvest Moon (London, 1953);
How to Enjoy Travel Abroad (London, 1948);
Ladies Gay (London, 1946);
The Last of Spring (London, 1964);
The Licentious Soldiery (London, 1971);
The Life for Me (London, 1953);
The Long Way Home (London, 1974);
Madeira (London, 1961);
(ed.) Major Road Ahead: A Young Man’s Ultimatum (London, 1939);
Nasty Piece of Work (London, 1973);
Nine Days with Edward (London, 1952);
The Numbers Came (London, 1963 [but MCMLXII on the title page]);
Octopus (London, n.d. [1946]);
Paper Albatross (London, 1965);
Picaro (Hamburg, 1934);
Port (London, 1957);
The Purple Streak (London, 1966);
The Quest for Quixote (London, 1959);
Rudyard Kipling (London, 1948);
Sherry (London, 1955);
The Sound of Revelry (London, 1969);
St. George for England (London, 1966);
Thief (New York, 1961);
Three in a Cell (London, 1975);
Three Names for Nicholas (London, 1974);
Under the Rose Garden (London, 1971);
The Unrecorded Life of Oscar Wilde (London, 1972);
The Verdict of You All (London, 1955);
While the Iron’s Hot (London, 1971);
The White Mountain (London, 1949);
Wine and Other Drinks (London & Glasgow, 1962);
The Wintry Sea (London, 1964);
Wolf from the Door (London, 1969); &
The World is Young (London, 1937).
We also have by Rupert Croft-Cooke & Noel Barber:
Cities (London, [1951?]).

We also have, because it includes “Ear and Bracelet” by Rupert Croft-Cooke,

John Lehmann (ed.),The Penguin New Writing (Harmondsworth, 1949).