The Final Text

The next Leo Bruce text we shall post chaptermeal, A Louse for the Hangman, will be the last text of an out-of-print Leo Bruce mystery which we need to provide (at least for now) since all his other books are currently in print; we shall regularly check the availability of books and if any go out of print we shall as swiftly as possible configure an e-text thereof.
Once A Louse for the Hangman is completed, however, our work here will not be done.  We shall in the future supply articles and essays on the works of Leo Bruce.

First chapters of the texts which are available:-
Case for Three Detectives ;
Case without a Corpse ;
Case with Ropes and Rings ;
Neck and Neck ;
Cold Blood ;
At Death’s Door ;
Death of Cold ;
Dead for a Ducat ;
A Bone and a Hank of Hair ;
Death on the Black Sands ;
Death on Romney Marsh ; &
Death by the Lake.