The Blurb for At Death’s Door and the Contents

From the front flap of the dust jacket of the first (and only) edition of At Death’s Door by Leo Bruce, published by Hamish Hamilton (London, 1955):
Leo Bruce has put Sergeant Beef out to grass and introduces us to a new more sophisticated detective, Carolus Deene, with an odious schoolboy assistant, Rupert Priggley.  Deene is an elegant schoolmaster, rather in the Peter Wimsey tradition, rich enough to run a Bentley and an acknowledged and published authority on historical crime.
Leo Bruce’s characterisation is as good as ever, and his dialogue needs to be savoured, for its horrible and perpetually amusing veracity.  Though there are, as usual, satire and comedy, they do not spoil the truly baffling mystery.  The denouement will surprise both the hardened mystery addict and the wildest guesser.

1   The Day before the Murder
2  The Shop Door Was Not Locked
3  A Working Hypothesis
4  Carolus Is Busy
5  Visit to Mr. and Mrs. Polling
6  Visit to Marcia and Jane
7  Visit to Mr. and Mrs. Baker
8  A Visit from the Police
9   Behind the Shop
10  The Life of Emily Purvice
11  Bugs Fitchley
12  Carolus Tries a Pin-Table
13  Some Facts Exchanged
14  Mr. Colbeck
15  Pear Tree Farm
16  Marcia Confesses
17  Mrs. Polling Breaks Down
18  Jimmy Owns Up
19  Dick Purvice Found
20  End of Term
21  Connie Slapper
22  Afternoon Watch
23  Disaster in the Sun
24  Newminster Hears
25  Another Attempt
26  All Concerned
27  Carolus Explains
28  A Fatal Woman
29  Late Night Final