The Blurb for Death on the Black Sands

From the front flap of the dust jacket (and also from the first page) of the first edition of Death on the Black Sands by Leo Bruce, published by W. H. Allen (London, 1966):
When hysterical screams shatter the soft night air at a resort on the Costa del Sol, they trigger off one of Carolus Deene’s most intricate and dangerous cases.  Even his usually imperturbable nature is shaken by two corpses and repeated threats of violence which seem, in some sinister way, to be connected with the activities of a ruthless master criminal.
His shrewd, cool thinking is at first bemused by the number of suspects in the case, many of whom had loafed around with phoney play-boy Davy Devigne, and any one of whom could have caused his strangely silent death on the lonely sands.
Carolus Deene, so used to investigating quiet English murders, finds the Spanish scene strangely violent—but murder is murder the world over, and he brings the same calm intelligence to bear on his unusual new problem.
[Textual note:  the dust jacket’s text is presented in three paragraphs whereas the text on page 1 of the book in formatted in only two (with the sentence beginning “His shrewd, cool thinking” being part of the first paragraph).]