Forthcoming Publication of Leo Bruce Books

I recently wrote to Chicago Review Press, publisher of Leo Bruce books and holder of the worldwide rights thereof, asking whether CRP would grant me permission to produce some fine, limited editions of rare, out-of-print Leo Bruce books.  I also asked whether CRP had “any plans to republish, say, Death on the Black Sands and Death on Romney Marsh?”
I received a reply from Cynthia Sherry:
I am not interested in licensing Australian editions at this time. Please try us back in about six months. Right now I am working on producing e-books and republishing and repackaging titles. We are trying to find an affordable, hardcopy [meaning, I believe, real books*] of Death on Romney Marsh and Death on the Black Sands to use as production materials for reprints. As soon as we get copies we will republish them.
I have offered to lend CRP my copies of Death on Romney Marsh, Death on the Black Sands and Death by the Lake.
We may, haply, expect new editions of some of the rarer Leo Bruce books soon.

in publishing terminology of olden days, before modern computing, a “hard copy” was a manuscript (or typewritten document) which had been edited and proof-read, and was ready for typesetting.